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A border, a bridge

From collective reflections around the representation of oneself and the Other, the young people have mastered several graphic techniques ranging from stencil to cyanotype.

From the negative portrait to the cartographic representation of the world, they tried to change the point of view, in order to identify what escapes the gaze and hides in the folds or on a sheet of paper exposed to sunlight.
This publication extends the questioning on the theme Showing the invisible by bringing together all the productions produced during the workshop. As the book progresses, the text is revealed while the images are concealed in the untrimmed pages.


​Graphic design and production : Benoit Brient and Gala Vanson
Project management : Marie Doyon and Camille Bonnard
Workshop management : Gala Vanson
Workshop conducted with a class from the Jean Moulin high school in Blanc-Mesnil.
LE BAL/La Fabrique du Regard

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