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Exhibition at the Galerie du Tableau

We're perched on a hill, a modest mound just before the ravine. We peer into the distance, we consider elsewhere and if there is better life. Several paths are sketched out and we knows which one to choose. So we look under his feet, we search depth and if something awaits us there. We jump, we descend into the painting as we dig a tunnel. We tracks down what stirs under the mud, it's enjoyable, it's ungrateful, it is laborious. We are looking for the right speed, the speed of painting and also its slowness. Then we end up going back to the scale. A Sisyphus under a very blue sky. We believe in improvement. We made an appointment.

For this new series of paintings, I abandon docility acrylic for the living fat of oil. Point of departure can be an image, a memory, a feeling, a detail on which I stop for several weeks, the table time. By dint of being worked on, watched so closely, the subject loses some of its reality. The question then becomes “when to stop? ", when the canvas is finished or on the point of becoming totally different. The series that I present at the Galerie du Tableau was produced between September and November 2021 and forms a kind of mental map of this moment, with stages and intentions.

Photos : Ilia Osokin

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